There are plenty of mortgage solutions providers serving the needs of Intermediaries in the market today, but very few offer a ‘mortgage help desk’ type service with solutions provided from across the market – prime through to specialist – or the same level of tailored service that we offer to Intermediaries here at Black Book.

We not only assist in sourcing suitable solutions to your Client enquiries – we also give you the choice, of either an Advised or Referral service, and always with a guarantee of no cross-selling to your clients.

‘Introducer-Advised’Where YOU Advise Your Client

Following your enquiry, we will provide you with our assessment of the appropriate solution/s, along with our reasons why the product/s is appropriate, along with confirmation of Fees – you then complete the rest of your research in the normal way and proceed to advise your client. Then:

For Prime Mortgages – Complete the relevant application and submit it to your chosen lender in your normal way. Black Book will not be involved in the processing of these cases – you simply liaise directly with your selected lender for case processing and on completion you receive your lender fee in your normal way from the lender directly.

For Specialist/Packaged Mortgages – Complete the relevant lender application, collate the checklist of requirements we provide, and send it all to Black Book for packaging and processing (as instructed per case, per lender) – we will then provide you with regular case progress updates along the way to completion. Black Book will then send you the relevant Broker Fee (which varies from lender to lender, and is advised to you with the solution/s) within 5 days of the payment being received from the Lender.

‘Client-Referred’Where Black Book Advises Client

On your written instruction and with your client’s permission, we will pick the case up swiftly and directly with your Client, handling the advice process from the start, to completion, and keeping you fully updated along the way. Where there may be any Life or General Insurance requirements, we will refer your Client back to you to arrange, unless you have also specifically requested for Black Book to advise in these areas too. You will then receive 30% of the gross fees received by Black Book, following completion and payment receipt.

Inside our Black Book…

At Black Book we don’t just rely on sourcing systems – we instead use our extensive knowledge and go directly to human underwriters, to discuss each enquiry. As a result, you might be surprised to learn that Black Book can access mortgage products that allow for all of the following:

  • No Minimum Income
  • Enhanced Income Multiples
  • Impaired Credit Histories
  • Loans requiring no Credit Searches
  • Loans requiring no Credit Scores
  • Interest Only Mortgages 
  • Lending into Retirement
  • Mortgages for the High Net Worth (HNW)
  • Professional & Large Loans
  • Any Construction Types
  • Ex-Local Authority & High Rise Properties
  • Adverse Credit within last 12 months
  • Buy to Let (Consumer)
  • Buy to Let (Ltd Company) 
  • Let to Buy
  • Day 1 Remortgaging
  • Help to Buy, Specialist Government Schemes
  • Shared Ownership (up to 100% share)
  • Mortgages for Holiday Homes
  • Gifted Deposit Purchases

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Intermediary Testimonials

First impressions...outstanding! My call was answered promptly, and then handled very professionally. I got back options for an SME client that I didn't even know were possible, in just 20 minutes! The client was clearly impressed, as was I. If case processing is as good as enquiry handling, then this will be a winning service. So far so good Black Book!
Frazer Horton, Edward Frazer