Black Book Finance is a concierge-style, all-finance distributor; assisting intermediaries and their clients with solutions to a vast range of requirements, on either a client-advised or client-referred basis – whichever is required, whenever required.

Our Service:

  • Dependable access to all types of finance, and more
  • Personal, Residential, Commercial, Development and Business finance solutions
  • Human sourcing and tailored solutions
  • Client-advised or client-referred service
  • Fast service 
  • Competitive fees
  • Guaranteed no cross-selling to introduced clients
  • Late Opening: 9am – 8pm (Mondays to Thursdays), 9am – 6pm (Fridays)

Black Book’s team bring vast experience of finance, business, client, network & broker services, along with senior-level connections from across the world of finance. Our Black Book includes who (and where) to go to secure almost any type of finance requirement – for both individual and business clients. To gain full access to all Black Book’s products and services, as well as key news and service updates, please register here.

Our Services

To find out more about any of the financing services or solutions we offer, please select one of the following…

Our Black Book is Your Black Book

Regardless of the type of finance required by your Client – whether for Personal or Business purposes – Black Book is your source to find the appropriate financial solutions…

For Your Individual Clients

When it comes to Prime or Specialist Mortgages, Buy to Lets, Equity Release, Second Charge Mortgages, Bridging or Commercial Finance, our black book is just bursting with possible solutions for your Clients – we don’t just rely on sourcing systems, we take every enquiry to the appropriate contacts in our Black Book directly.

Once the suitable solutions have been identified, Black Book then gives you the choice; either you advise your Client or, if you prefer, Black Book can advise your Client regarding the specific finance requirement, and always with a watertight guarantee of never cross-selling to your Clients. We will always refer your Client back to you for any related Life or General Insurance requirements, unless you have specifically asked for Black Book to advice in these areas too.

Just call us on 0800 651 6511, or submit your enquiry online, and we will come back to you fast with suitable solution/s and next steps.

For Your Business Clients

The opportunities to assist business-owning clients are vast, but so often overlooked. Business Finance can be complex and varied, with a huge array of lenders to choose from, all catering for different or specific requirements. Black Book makes full access to this complex world simple for you.

You will already have business owners in your client bank, and it is a certainty that at some stage they will need some form of Finance, whether that be Invoice Financing, Asset-Backed Finance,  Cashflow or VAT Loans, Leasing,  Commercial or Development Finance. Through Black Book, you now have the means to assist these clients. We can and will take care of all of it – from sourcing to processing – and always with a guarantee of no cross-selling.

Black Book is here to support Intermediaries, so as to help more of their clients more often, and be well-remunerated for doing so.

Call us on 0800 651 611, or submit your enquiry online, and we will come back fast with appropriate solutions and next steps.

Intermediaries are our Top Priority

Intermediaries (and their Clients) will always the main priority at Black Book Finance. We are proud of the personalised services we offer, and keep a close eye on our performance and turnaround times…

92% of enquiries turned around in less than 1 hour!
74% of cases approved at DIP stage!
100% of weekday enquiries turned around on the same day!

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The team of specialists at Black Book are ready to handle your enquiry, no matter how prime or complex it may be.

Even if you’re not sure which type of finance is right for the needs of your client, we will guide you in the right direction.

Register with Black Book today, to enjoy full access to all our advised or non-advised services and be advised of service and news updates.

We look forward to assisting you with your client enquiries.